What is the PTFA?

The PTFA is the Parent Teacher and Friends Association and we are lucky to have a very strong and dedicated one who have the very important role of raising additional funds, separate from the school budget which can be used to supply the school with some of the “extras” which would be otherwise unavailable.

Recent fund raising has enabled us to begin to replace obsolete IT equipment and upgrade our IT provision. In the past we helped construct our super Playtrail which greatly enhanced our outdoor environment.

Funds have also been used to buy a modular staging and PA system which supports our budding thespians, our shaded quiet area and new outdoor sound system to increase our enjoyment of our outdoor activities. The activities of the PTA, whilst mainly aimed at fund-raising and school support, do provide a valuable opportunity for the whole school to get together on an informal basis.

Extra help is always welcome, whether it is in supporting events or as a member of the committee. Do please join us in this important role of raising funds for our school; contact us in the office if you want to be involved in your school.

The current Chairperson of the PTFA is Cher Baker. Cher can be contacted via the school office.