Our Church

Super SIAMs report

We are extremely proud to be part of the Diocese of Salisbury and equally delighted with our recent SIAMS report in which we were awarded a solid ‘Good’. The report highlighted a number of positive ways in which the school has embraced its Christian and rights respecting values stating that, ‘Distinctive Christian values support the positive relationships that exist between all members of St. Andrew’s school’s community. These core values support children’s thinking when explaining and reflecting on the impact they have on others.’

The report also highlighted many other strengths within the school:

Worship is helping children to grow spiritually because the
themes capture their interest. The shared understanding of spirituality among the teachers strengthens the provision of spiritual experiences across all areas of the curriculum.

SIAMS Report 2016

The strength of the community and the dedication of staff and children runs like a golden thread through the report. It is what makes us proud to be part of St. Andrew’s CE Primary School. We thank all of you who help make St. Andrew’s the school it is today and we are looking forward to an even brighter future.

Reverend George Moody is our Team Vicar – George delivers an act of Collective Worship every Wednesday and is a member of the Local Governing Body with responsibility for Christian Distinctiveness.