Kingfisher Home Learning

Home learning Friday 15th November 2019

This week I would like to complete pages 29 and 14 of your maths books (group 1) and pages 12 and 13 (group 2).

I would also like you to design a brand new invention and complete the following worksheet to help you do this. The sheet will help us in our class work next week so make sure you have this by Tuesday. Creativity is a must! Do not create an invention that already exists.

One of the best ways to collect ideas for developing an innovation or invention is to brainstorm. Use the questions below to generate some ideas for a new invention

1.       Think of simple products, machines, or devices in your life. Make a list of everyday inventions that make life more convenient or better than it was in the past. (Example: screw-top bottles, remote controls, portable battery for phone, etc.)


2.       • ________________________________________

3.       • ________________________________________

4.       • ________________________________________

5.        • ________________________________________

6.       • ________________________________________

7.       • ________________________________________

8.        • ________________________________________

9.       • ________________________________________

2. Think about your life at home, work, school, etc. What are some problems you would like to solve?

• At home: ______________________________________________________________________________

• At work: _______________________________________________________________________________

• At school: ______________________________________________________________________________

• At (              ): _____________________________________________________________________________


Now, brainstorm a list of possible new inventions. List all of your ideas and make notes about what they do. Use the other side of this page to pick your favourite idea and design it! Use annotations and diagrams to help bring your idea to life. Remember to be creative!


• ________________________________________

• ________________________________________

• ________________________________________

• ________________________________________


Home Learning Friday 8th November

(Always due the following Tuesday)

Our topic this half term is… Invention and Innovation!

I would like you to choose an invention that you think is amazing or an invention that has changed the world. I would like you to research that invention and create an information page to include:

• Who invented it

• When and where it was invented

• Why it was innovative

• What the benefits of the invention have been

• Whether there have been/ will be any negative effects of the innovation

• How the invention has changed/ will change people’s lives and the world


Please include images (whether from the internet or hand drawn) and make sure your work is presented beautifully.


I would also like you to complete maths pages 32 and 35 (group 1) and pages 25 and 28 (group 2).



Friday 18th October 2019


Home learning – always due the following Tuesday!

Please complete page 33 and 34 (26 and 27 group 2) of your maths books.

I would also like you to create an arty information page about Katsushika Hokusai, who painted ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ which we have looked at in Class. Please make these studies as beautiful as you can – be creative as I would you to put them into your sketchbooks!

Make the page bold and colourful and include your personal opinion about the artwork you look at.

Remember to bring in an old shirt or baggy top next week for our Arts and Music week next week!





Friday 4th October 2019


Home learning – always due the following Tuesday!

Please complete page 22 (or 18 and 19 group 2) of your maths books.

I would also like you to create a crossword using key terms about the weather. You could use definition or facts as the clues. Use the template or make up your own – it is tricky so try your best!



I can’t wait to see them!


Ms Trew

Friday 27th September 2019


Home learning – always due the following Tuesday!

Please complete pages 24 and 25 (or 21 and 22 group 2) of your maths books.

Next week we will be looking at different types of extreme weather; for your home learning this week, I would like you to become an expert on ONE type of extreme weather! You must be able to explain what they are (include a definition), the damage that could be caused and where (or when) they are most likely to happen.


You will then share what you know with the class. Make sure you make lots of notes so that you are able to refer to them next week.


You can choose from the following:










Make sure you challenge yourself! Choose a weather type that you know LEAST about!


I can’t wait to hear all about them!


Ms Trew


September 2019

Home learning information

Dear parents,

I have sent home a letter today explaining how home learning will be organised. This week I have asked the children to complete pages 6 and 7 of their lovely new maths books and return on Tuesday.

Many thanks,

Ms Trew

Home learning Friday 21st June

Home Learning 7th June 2019

Please see the home learning below. This is due on Thursday 13th June. Have fun!