Hedgehog Class

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

This week we launched our new topic, Let’s Celebrate! We learnt all about the gunpowder plot by re-enacting the story and lighting our very own bonfire. Unfortunately the fire was a little underwhelming however we still had a lot of fun making it and rolling the barrels of gunpowder into the cellar! As you know, on Thursday we made our firework jars which the children really enjoyed and left our classroom very messy!!




Hello again!

The past few weeks have been so busy that I haven’t had time to post. We have had a lot of fun exploring what toys our parents played with and how those toys are different from the ones we play with. We added key dates to a timeline and even got to watch some different shows from the past 40 years, including my childhood favourite Tot’s TV! We had a real pumpkin to do our artwork with this week, we used the Numicon to ensure we had perfect spots, just like Yayoi Kusama. In RE we have been leaning the parable of the lost son, we had our jelly baby friends Suzy sorry, Andrew ask, Peter praise and Thea thanks. They helped the children to identify different messages within the parable. Below is an image of our topic board for this half term, we have had a lot of fun being who we are!! As you know we have had a fully packed half term of learning, I hope you all have a wonderful break.

Another wonderful week…

I have been so impressed with the attitude of the children this week, considering a lot of our children had a substantial amount of time out of school, they have settled back in so wonderfully. This week we were learning about the artist Yayoi Kusama and how much of her work is done through polka dots. We investigated how we could make different sized dots, we used conkers, carrots, paintbrushes, cotton buds and our fingers. This week in topic the we were using our computer skills to find images of toys we love to play with and food we love to eat. Next week we will look at what our parents played with and ate. If you have anything you would like to share with us, please email me! I would also like to point out how amazing the home learning has been, every Monday I am greeted with the most wonderfully creative pieces. This week Freya brought in a beautiful family tree she had painted, Miss Simpson was so impressed she asked me to share it on here. We have been enjoying our ‘Lovely Learners’ challenges around the classroom, working together to extend our learning. Enjoy the photos!


A busy few weeks!

Hello everyone. With the craziness of a new term, this is the first opportunity I have had to post and let you know what we have been getting up to! Below are photos from our PE lesson where Mr Barnes was helping us with our throwing and catching. In our RE lessons we have been exploring the parable ‘The Lost Son’. The photos are freeze frames of the children acting out some of the scenes, hopefully they can share with you the parable and the role they were playing! We have also had lots of fun exploring different ways of creating self portraits. This week we explored Pop Art and the images below are from the week before where we created our own Picasso style self portrait. In English, we are reading Owl babies and we have had a visit from the owls this week! We made sure they were comfortable with leaves, twigs and even some conkers. As you can see, we have been very busy so far this term!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a brand new school year. I hope you are all looking forward to getting back to the new normal! This half term out topic is ‘Be who you are!’ and we have a lot of learning that will ease the children back into school after such a muddled year for them last year. I have attached a letter to Hedgehog class parents/carers and our class topic web below for you to take a look at. Make sure to regularly check this page for updates on what we have been getting up to in class. Looking forward to seeing you all again, even if it is from a distance!

Topic Web – Autumn 1

Letter to Parents – September 2020

World Book Day!

In hedgehog class we love books and discovering new stories so a whole day dedicated to stories was perfect! We were all dressed up and looked fabulous in our book themed costumes (thank you for all your efforts with the costumes). We had book tasters with books that were wrapped. Year 5 and 6 had written some clues about the book and we had to choose the book based on whether we were interested and not what the cover was like. We had so much fun with this! We tested our book knowledge with a quiz and had a book character scavenger hunt. Our favourite part of the day was reading new stories and sharing our favourite stories.

A wonderful week…

We launched into our new topic by finding a crash sight in school. We investigated the cause of the crash and have determined that we have been visited by aliens – they even left us some alien masks for our role play! We also had a visit from the fire department who let us explore the inside of the engine and use the hose. In lessons, year 2 have been learning about shape and went on a shape hunt around the school. We have started dancing in PE, using streamers to help show movement. As you can see from our pictures, we have had a very busy first week back!





Bake me a story!

This week we have been finishing our topic ‘Once Upon a Time’. We did this by making Cinderella’s flapjacks from the baking book ‘Bake me a Story’ by Nadia Hussain. We read the twisted tale and then followed her recipe. They were sticky and delicious!

A fun filled week!

We have had a very busy and exciting week. We have used the new Chrome Books for the first time and Miss Barrett was very very impressed with out IT skills! We have also painted our gingerbread houses, we mixed lots of new colours and can’t wait to share our creations with you.




Once Upon a Time

Happy new year! We have had a great first week back in school and another great start to our topic. This week we have had a hunt for Little Red Riding Hood, we have been the trees in the forest Little Red walks through and we have been learning a new sport! A full week but lots of fun too.





Dream Catchers

We have had lots of fun exploring our topic ‘I have a dream’. This week we have made natural dream catchers. We hope you all have good dreams this weekend!


European Languages Day

We had a whole day dedicated to exploring Italy. We learnt some Italian phrases that I hope the children have been sharing with you at home. We had a go at painting like Michelangelo, after a while our arms were aching but it was lots of fun! A big highlight of our day was the pizza making!

Dream Day!

We had a wonderfully cosy day on Wednesday launching our new topic ‘Dreams’. Everyone looked wonderful in their PJ’s and really enjoyed our dreamy activities, some of us even had a little snooze!

The Snail and the Whale

We started a new book for English today, The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We had lots of questions, made great predictions and discussed the vocabulary choices. We then began to sequence the story by making it out of play dough. We are going to be using our play dough creations to help retell the story this week.

Health and Well Being Week

What a busy week we have had! We had a glorious sports day participating in so many different events. We enjoyed a day of mindfulness on Tuesday, learning how to breathe and trying out some under the sea themed Yoga. On Wednesday we hiked Mount Kilimanjaro and even though we were supposed to do it in teams, we were determined to climb the whole thing by ourselves! Thank you for any sponsorship money you have raised. We also had lots of fun during our Wheels afternoon. On Thursday we had our daily mile and Gareth came in to lead us in a junior fire fit where we got to do lots of drills that firefighters do! We even rolled our the hose that puts the fires out!

Our Trip to the Sea Life Centre

We had a wonderful trip to Weymouth this week with Otter class. We explored the pebble beach, identified aspects of the seaside and then we went inside the Sea Life Centre. We had a very busy day finding creature found around and within the ocean, we even found some real otters! We ate our lunch beside the seals and had to hide our sandwiches from the pesky seagulls. As well as finding amazing animals, we all enjoyed buying and eating our own Ice Creams. We hope you enjoy the photos of our very busy day!

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This week we had a whole afternoon of activities based around our text for this half term, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We followed instructions to make delicious sandwiches, decorated our own iced sea biscuits and made beach hut mosaics. We really enjoyed spending time in the new role play, an ice cream van, cafe and beach scene!





Sunflowers and Sunshine!

We have been enjoying the nice weather this week and have started planting our sunflowers. Whilst some of us were gardening, the rest of us practiced our observational drawing skills. We had to look closely at the different plants and draw them using as much detail as we could.  We found many habitats and even had a go at drawing some of the insects we found!

Superhero Day

We had a super day on Thursday! We enjoyed making super healthy smoothies, fit for a superhero. We made Spiderman strawberries that were too tempting to eat before Miss Barrett could take a picture! In the afternoon we used all of our super strength and super energy to complete the obstacle course. We really hope you enjoy the pictures and have a lovely half term holiday!

Super maths!

Over the past few weeks we have been measuring in maths, using our theme of Superheroes to create potions by carefully measuring and mixing.



Maths and Science week.

We have had a fun filled week of Maths and Science! I hope the children have been telling you all about their experiments and Maths challenges. We have been so lucky to be visited by many experts, including Lava Laura, a secondary Science teacher and vet! The children have been asking astonishing questions all week and have been full engrossed in the activities.


Welly Walk around Yetminster

We had a lovely walk around Yetminster as part of our topic ‘Journeys’. Honey and Florence had a great time seeing all the different sights and especially enjoyed our time at the park!

Book Week

I hope that by now you have heard all about our book week adventures! The children had so many wonderful opportunities throughout the week, I have taken over 200 photos! On Monday, we had an inspirational talk from the author Laura James who very kindly shared her experience and time. The children began to plan their own stories with her and I know many have been enjoying reading her books. On Tuesday we had a whole afternoon of baking our Three Little Pig themed cakes to sell after school. As you can see from the photos, lots of fun was had and we even had our product approved by Mrs Kettle! On Wednesday the children learnt the Three Little Pigs in French. On Thursday we all had lots of fun in our costumes, making up new stories with our characters. We investigated a crime scene, wrote letters to free a wrongly convicted wolf, had a Where’s Wally hunt and shared our favourite books. It was lovely to see so many faces come back for our Books at Bedtime event. On Friday afternoon we worked in groups to build dens. Our cosy dens were perfect for reading our books, we even had a den with a library! The whole week would not have been possible without the parent’s support so a big thank you for your support. Reading is a skill and passion that carries you through life and it was amazing to see our children so engrossed throughout the week. Enjoy just a select few of the pictures!


Signs of Spring

In RE this week we have been making the most of the beautiful weather by exploring for signs of Spring. We shared our knowledge of the seasons and linked it back to signs of Easter within Christianity. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the importance of Easter for Christians, including symbols.


Fun with Kingfisher

This week, we had fun with our friends in Kingfisher Class.  We taught them our dance that we have been learning with Mrs Hetherington on a Wednesday afternoon. They listened very well and we gave clear instructions.

Snow day fun!

Dragons everywhere! 

This half term our topic is Castles, Knights and Dragons. In science we have been investigating materials by looking closely at dragon’s faeces that had kindly been loaned to us by a museum. We investigated what different objects the Dragon may have eaten depending on what material we found in the faeces! The children have also been designing their own dragons and Mrs Simpson helped the children to bring their designs to life using natural materials found in the conservation area.

Our trip to Montacute House

In the autumn term we had a fantastic trip to Montacute House. We discovered some wonderful things about homes in the past and have an exciting enthusiasm to know more next term!