Fox Home Learning

Autumn Term 2

This terms home learning:

Date Set |  Home Learning Activity

05.11.20 | To create a musical instrument. This instrument will need to be brought in on Monday, so that we can explore the different vibrations created by sound in Science.

12.11.20  | To create a poster on Leonardo Da Vinci. We would like you to create a beautiful A4 poster that explores the life of Leonardo. This activity needs to be completed and brought into school next Wednesday.

20.11.20 | To log into your google classroom accounts. We would like you to take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the stream and how to download work. A maths activity has already been uploaded for you to complete. Please submit this through Google Classroom once complete.

26.11.20 | To write a short biography of Oscar Wilde. We recently read a book written by Oscar Wilde called the Selfish Giant. We would like you to do some research on him and discover a little bit more about his life and career. This activity has also been assigned on Google Classroom, please can you turn in your work there.

9.12.20 | Christmas Song’s. We have uploaded a pdf to Google Classroom containing the lyrics for the Christmas songs we are currently learning in school. If you could please continue to do this at home – we will have those words learnt in no time!

Also please ensure that you continue to practice your spellings and times tables on Spelling Frame and TT Rock Stars.

Thank you,

Miss Foreman and Mrs Kettle



It is that time of the year again!

We can’t believe how fast this first term has gone! We would just like to say how fantastic you have all been and how well you have settled back into school after such a long break.

Everyone deserves a little time to rest and enjoy this short holiday, therefore Mrs Kettle and I have made the decision to not give any additional home learning this week. All we ask is that you continue to practise your spellings and times tables.

New spellings have been stuck into spelling journals and the practice test has also been added onto spelling frame. The spelling rules we would like you to focus on are rules 13-15. Those are words ending in -tion, -sion, -ssion, -cian and words with the /k/ spelt ‘ch’. These are words you have been practising this term already, so they should be very familiar to you.

Also don’t forget to use TT Rock Stars to help you with your times tables! It is a great opportunity to practise with your friends, compete against one another in games and rise up the ranks to gain rewards.

Have a lovely (and extra spooky) half term everyone!

Miss Foreman & Mrs Kettle



Welcome to the Fox Class home learning tab!!


A quick overview of this term’s home learning so far…

Due in:      Home Learning:
16.9.20        Explore TT Rockstar’s and find 5 facts about your local area.
21.9.20        Create a junk model robot.
30.9.20        What does Freedom mean to you.
12.10.20      Harvest video montage of mini loaf baking.

Weekly set up:

Monday: New spellings. There will be a copy in spelling books and on Spelling Frame.

The children will always have a week to practise. This week we continue to explore spelling rule’s 13 & 14, but with words ending in -cian.

Wednesday/Thursday: Weekly home learning and TT Rockstar’s. The children will have a week to complete both activities. We encourage TT Rockstar’s little but often.

Spelling Frame and TT Rock Stars are a great opportunity for the children to play games while learning their spelling rules and times tables. So that we can see how much your children are doing at home, please make sure they log in before starting.

As we have given two weeks to complete the harvest loaf, no additional work apart from Spelling Frame and TT Rockstar’s will be given this week.

Thank you and stay safe,

Miss Foreman & Mrs Kettle